Fall Pumpkin Decorations


Using some of the examples posted on Pinterest (e.g.: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/573223858804166326/) I went to my local craft store and found some latex transfers.  This was such an easy project!  I was able to simply rub the transfers onto the pumpkins.  No cutting, no worrying about our toddlers poking their fingers into them and/or cutting their fingers.  They loved rubbing the paper and seeing the magic of the images come off on the pumpkins.

Great option for parents with small children!  We live in an area where pumpkin patches are everywhere and so inexpensive. Our little guys picked out their own pumpkins and decorated them when we got home.  No mess – no fuss!

$15.00  Pumpkins
$10.00  Latex Harvest Blessings transfer
$ 5.00  Latex pumpkin face transfer
$ 8.00  Latex Boo Transfer
$ 2.00  Latex spider transfer



Heirloom Child Footprint Easter Bunny Plate


Inspired by the canvas print I saw on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/351912451841921/ – I thought I would TRY and see if my little 21 month old would let me do this on a plate … it took a few attempts, but eventually it worked.  It helped to have family and friends with me to take her afterwards.

I walked my daughter through the process … she was VERY good at letting me paint her foot and press it against the plate, but then she wanted to curl her toes … that was the challenge.  Touching it up was the trick.  It turned into a rush job – as she started to melt down … note to parents who try this, don’t do this around nap time.  Thanks to family / friends was able to knock this out quickly.


$25.00 pottery plate

$0.00  pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.




Heirloom Child footprint Easter Plate


Inspired by the Easter footprint example on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/44613852531120415/, my family and I visited a paint your own pottery place and tried to replicate the concept.

With the help of my son, I was able to walk him through what we were going to do – and what we were going to make.  He’s 3.5 yrs old now – and has a better understanding what’s involved in the process now.  There for awhile we had to take a break from taking prints – as he didn’t really understand what was going on – now he’s into it!

So it was helpful to have baby wipes on hand and family/friends to help.  I explained that the paint would feel cold and damp, but we are going to make a carrot and bunny out of his footprints and he was very excited.  It took 5 minutes to do both foot prints – and he was very good to be very still when we did them.  A week later when we picked up the plate – we were really happy with the results!


$35.00 pottery plate

$0         pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.



Recover Kitchen Chair Seats


We purchased our kitchen table and 6 chairs off of Craigslist when we moved into our house in July 2013.  I told my husband when we bought the chairs I could recover them … two children and a number of food stains later I finally got around to the task!

It whole process took all of about 1.5 hrs using just a Philips screw driver, staple gun and pair of scissors.  Oh – and a little bit of help from my in-laws who kept our little guys busy while is stapled away.

The material was the only expense I had for this project – which I purchased at Wal-Mart.  Who knew Wal-Mart sold Waverly fabric?!  Anyway – I took a gamble and bought 8 yards of the material hoping it would cover all 6 chair seats … I was conservative with the fabric and had enough left over to make a few throw pillows to use in our window seat in the kitchen so bonus!

Family is very happy with the results and our toddlers are busy working on the next set of stains for me to recover in another few years, but oh what a different!

Pinterest inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/43910165097005884/


$20.00  Fabric – 8yrds (Wal-Mart)

$  0.00   Staple Gun and staples

$  0.00   fabric scissors


$20.00   Total

Christmas Child’s handprint tree plate


Now that out 3 yr old son and 18 mo old daughter are older – I wanted to make something that allowed both of them to create together – after looking through Pinterest, the answer was a handprint tree, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492649935267856/.

This is the first time our son and daughter have collaborated to make anything and/or do a craft together – the outcome was amazing!  And they were both SO good at working with each other during this project.  As always, it helped to have family and friends with us to do this … I had our son go first and painted his hand light green and put his hand print on the plate, then we painted our daughter’s little hand light green and had her put her hand on the plate … they had a great time and really enjoyed it.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but just went with the creative flow.  Adding the string of Christmas lights helped tie the shape of the tree together and adding the base with the planter grounded the image and gave it more structure.

What was a rainy day when we decided to do this craft turned into a fun afternoon with an ever lasting heirloom keepsake.


$55.00 Plate

$ 0.00  Paint, brushes, firing provided by pottery place




Thanksgiving Turkey Pear Decorations


Was tasked with providing the decorations at this year’s Thanksgiving, so I went on Pinterest to look for inspiration and what I found was the following: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/455285843564782516/

So armed with this vision I found on Pinterest I went to the grocery store … and I started searching … and searching … and searching for anything ‘dried’ to create the tail portion of this cute little decoration … finding dried mango, dried cherries, dried anything is tricky in Texas grocery stores (unless it’s outside).  So I found myself improvising on some of the items – for starters my pears are not green, but rather brown, which I was good with – because after all, who has ever really seen a green turkey (as was in the Pinterest example)?!

Once I found the baking aisle I started sifting through all the dried fruit options and thinking through what I could use that would fit in with this … I settled on dried cranberries, dried pineapple and raisins … less cutting and easier to thread on a toothpick … and note to anyone who tries this – get the GOOD toothpicks!  Don’t get the flimsy ones I did without thinking … they are impossible to stick into the pears without breaking – fortunately my sister-in-law had some good sturdy toothpicks I was able to use instead.

I couldn’t find any of these ‘candy eyes’ that the other person used, so I got some white candy pearls and used those as eyes a black frosting gel for the dot which made up the eyes.

Kids love to help! And my sister-in-law was really grateful that I had a project that kept her 7 yr old daughter busy … my niece and I had a blast making these little guys and she was quick to create the toothpicks with the fruit that created the tail on the pears.

These little guys added to the fun and were a cute addition to the kids table.  Fun holiday project and easy to do!


$25.00  Pears, dried fruit, toothpicks, baby carrots, candy pearls  & black frosting gel


$25.00  Total

Thanksgiving Relish Tray


Was tasked with creating this year’s Thanksgiving relish tray with the requirement that it MUST include radishes (for my mother who is the only person who eats them).  So I did a little research on Pinterest and found some really great ideas … like this one: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/371758144215121283/!  Mostly because it incorporated radishes!

So armed with the vision … I went to the grocery store and loaded up on all the wonderful condiments that I thought folks would like in a radish tray … the result can be seen above.  I managed to get this picture off before my brother and dad devoured all the olives.

Our toddlers and nieces and nephew thought it was comical and entertaining to have a plate of food styled to look like a turkey … my mom was pleased to have a bunch of radishes and I was glad I didn’t have to cook!  Win-win all around!


$25.00  Olives, pickles, carrots, RADISHES, celery, cherry tomatoes, sweet pea peppers


$25.00  Total

Tractor Birthday Cake


Our 3 year old REALLY wanted a tractor birthday cake for his birthday … so after flipping through a number of examples on Pinterest he highlighted a few that he really liked (e.g.: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306878162086295009/) … which opened the way for a huge number of options and great theme for a birthday party!

We had to hide the cake from our little guy – and all he wanted to do was run the tractors up and down the cake!   The cake did not turn out as I had envisioned it, but little boys didn’t care – they saw tractors and just got excited.

I’m not very experienced working in fondant – and that stuff gets sticky when it’s humid outside!  Not good when your little guys birthday is at the end of summer.  Anyway – struggled through it and did my best.  Not pleased with the out come … but it could have been worse.

It was fun to make and took a few hours, but was worth it.  Learned a lot in the process, like how to use the frosting tips to make grass and sprinkle crushed Oreos to make the dirt road. As long as I kept the cake a specific angle, the crazy lopsidedness of the cake layers looks like it added to the cake’s design (until you turned it around … then the truth came out!)   Besides the lopsided cake and the melting fondant – the little guys ate the whole thing and so did the parents … and every cake looks the same after it’s been hacked away at by the end of a party – a hot mess!


$25.00  Square Cake Pans x3 (Amazon)

$25.00  Cake Mix, Fondant, food coloring, frosting & tips, Oreo cookies (dirt road)

$ 3.00  Construction Candles (Amazon)

$10.00  Construction Trucks (pack of 20) (Amazon)

$ 0.00  Road signs (printed off and glued to skewer sticks)


$63.00  Total



1st Birthday Cake – Pink Bunny




Inspired by many of the bunny cakes on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249105423118714625/, we worked with the bakery to design our own based on the examples we found and were amazed with the outcome!

Not only did the came exceed our expectations (and our expected budget) – it tasted amazing!  Made with a Vanilla Cake on top, Red Velvet in the middle and chocolate later on the bottom – everyone went back for 2nd and 3rd helpings.  We still took a lot home with us.

Again, we splurged on the amount, but it was worth it – and our daughter / family and friends have a wonderful memory of an amazing day and the cake was a huge part of the experience/event!


$350.00 Cake – Mike’s Amazing Cakes, Redmond, WA


$350 Total


1st Birthday – Pink Bunny Party Theme

Inspired by a number of cakes on Pinterest with bunnies (e.g.: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249105423118714625/) I finally settled on a mix of designs which a wonderful cake decorator in the greater Seattle area was able to bring to fruition (spent more than planned).

Had a great time coordinating and planning out decorations through Amazon, Oriental Trader and Dollar Tree.  Funny – some deals were better on one and some the other.  But managed to get cups, plates, napkins, popcorn holders, milk containers, banners all online at really great deals.

It was a rush putting everything together at the party location.  We only had like 30 minutes to set up and tear down.  The challenge was blowing up balloons when we go there – if it wasn’t for family and friends helping it would never of gotten done.

The kids LOVED the pink lemonade served in the milk carton glasses and our daughter loved the popcorn holders – they were the perfect size for her little hands to hold and held the perfect portion for little kiddos.

I suppose this is a lot to spend on a little child who will never remember this day other than the photos and video’s we captured, but everyone enjoyed the moment, memories were special and you only have a 1st birthday once in life.

BTW – the cake was AMAZING!  one layer was chocolate, one was red velvet and the other was vanilla.  Everyone got 2nd and 3rd helpings – and yes, we will be going back for cakes there in the future – he is an artist.


$350.00 Cake (Mike’s Amazing Cakes)

$  50.00 Decorations (Oriental Trader, Amazon and Dollar Tree)

$  50.00 Food / Drinks (Lemonade, bottled water, fruit, popcorn, cheese/sausage plate)

$  25.00 Milk Bottles – 12 bottles (Amazon)

$  10.00 Black & White Birthday Achievement Sign (Etsy)

$100.00 Funtastic Playatorim (Bellevue, WA)


$575.00 Total