Heirloom Child Footprint Easter Bunny Plate


Inspired by the canvas print I saw on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/351912451841921/ – I thought I would TRY and see if my little 21 month old would let me do this on a plate … it took a few attempts, but eventually it worked.  It helped to have family and friends with me to take her afterwards.

I walked my daughter through the process … she was VERY good at letting me paint her foot and press it against the plate, but then she wanted to curl her toes … that was the challenge.  Touching it up was the trick.  It turned into a rush job – as she started to melt down … note to parents who try this, don’t do this around nap time.  Thanks to family / friends was able to knock this out quickly.


$25.00 pottery plate

$0.00  pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.





Heirloom Child footprint Easter Plate


Inspired by the Easter footprint example on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/44613852531120415/, my family and I visited a paint your own pottery place and tried to replicate the concept.

With the help of my son, I was able to walk him through what we were going to do – and what we were going to make.  He’s 3.5 yrs old now – and has a better understanding what’s involved in the process now.  There for awhile we had to take a break from taking prints – as he didn’t really understand what was going on – now he’s into it!

So it was helpful to have baby wipes on hand and family/friends to help.  I explained that the paint would feel cold and damp, but we are going to make a carrot and bunny out of his footprints and he was very excited.  It took 5 minutes to do both foot prints – and he was very good to be very still when we did them.  A week later when we picked up the plate – we were really happy with the results!


$35.00 pottery plate

$0         pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.



Christmas Child’s handprint tree plate


Now that out 3 yr old son and 18 mo old daughter are older – I wanted to make something that allowed both of them to create together – after looking through Pinterest, the answer was a handprint tree, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/492649935267856/.

This is the first time our son and daughter have collaborated to make anything and/or do a craft together – the outcome was amazing!  And they were both SO good at working with each other during this project.  As always, it helped to have family and friends with us to do this … I had our son go first and painted his hand light green and put his hand print on the plate, then we painted our daughter’s little hand light green and had her put her hand on the plate … they had a great time and really enjoyed it.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but just went with the creative flow.  Adding the string of Christmas lights helped tie the shape of the tree together and adding the base with the planter grounded the image and gave it more structure.

What was a rainy day when we decided to do this craft turned into a fun afternoon with an ever lasting heirloom keepsake.


$55.00 Plate

$ 0.00  Paint, brushes, firing provided by pottery place




1st Birthday Cake – Pink Bunny




Inspired by many of the bunny cakes on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249105423118714625/, we worked with the bakery to design our own based on the examples we found and were amazed with the outcome!

Not only did the came exceed our expectations (and our expected budget) – it tasted amazing!  Made with a Vanilla Cake on top, Red Velvet in the middle and chocolate later on the bottom – everyone went back for 2nd and 3rd helpings.  We still took a lot home with us.

Again, we splurged on the amount, but it was worth it – and our daughter / family and friends have a wonderful memory of an amazing day and the cake was a huge part of the experience/event!


$350.00 Cake – Mike’s Amazing Cakes, Redmond, WA


$350 Total


1st Birthday – Pink Bunny Party Theme

Inspired by a number of cakes on Pinterest with bunnies (e.g.: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249105423118714625/) I finally settled on a mix of designs which a wonderful cake decorator in the greater Seattle area was able to bring to fruition (spent more than planned).

Had a great time coordinating and planning out decorations through Amazon, Oriental Trader and Dollar Tree.  Funny – some deals were better on one and some the other.  But managed to get cups, plates, napkins, popcorn holders, milk containers, banners all online at really great deals.

It was a rush putting everything together at the party location.  We only had like 30 minutes to set up and tear down.  The challenge was blowing up balloons when we go there – if it wasn’t for family and friends helping it would never of gotten done.

The kids LOVED the pink lemonade served in the milk carton glasses and our daughter loved the popcorn holders – they were the perfect size for her little hands to hold and held the perfect portion for little kiddos.

I suppose this is a lot to spend on a little child who will never remember this day other than the photos and video’s we captured, but everyone enjoyed the moment, memories were special and you only have a 1st birthday once in life.

BTW – the cake was AMAZING!  one layer was chocolate, one was red velvet and the other was vanilla.  Everyone got 2nd and 3rd helpings – and yes, we will be going back for cakes there in the future – he is an artist.


$350.00 Cake (Mike’s Amazing Cakes)

$  50.00 Decorations (Oriental Trader, Amazon and Dollar Tree)

$  50.00 Food / Drinks (Lemonade, bottled water, fruit, popcorn, cheese/sausage plate)

$  25.00 Milk Bottles – 12 bottles (Amazon)

$  10.00 Black & White Birthday Achievement Sign (Etsy)

$100.00 Funtastic Playatorim (Bellevue, WA)


$575.00 Total


Baby Easter Photo


I love to capture photos of our little guys on every holiday as they change so fast when they are so little as they are right now.  For our daughter’s 1st Easter, I wanted to capture a photo of our son and daughter in matching Easter outfits which I was able to find on Etsy.

For their photos, my husband used equipment he had from a work project to do a quick photo shoot.

You never know what is going to happen when you work with children and animals they say, well ours didn’t disappoint … neither wanted to sit still and they both wanted to play with the eggs and props in the photo. Out of dozen of shots my husband captured with a really nice camera and lens only about a handful came out.

All in all the few we got out of the shoot create a wonderful memory of our daughter’s 1st Easter and were worth the effort to prep for.

Pinterest inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/241575967482310985/


$ 0.00  Studio

$50.00  Matching Sibling Outfits (Etsy)

$25.00  Easter Props (lamb blanket, basket, eggs)




Child’s Twas the Night Before Christmas footprint craft plate


Inspired by the example I found on Pinterest (e.g: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AerACqOOgQd6tS-NtpCksX_pxubR0R3i_dKwLLwhuY5oXGEEM_EwwRs/), I turned our  8 mo old daughter’s foot into a mouse in this heirloom 1st Christmas plate craft.

Our local pottery painting place is so sweet, they helped me work with my daughter to get the perfect footprint.  It took us about an hour to get the print and a week later we got the plate back.

$25.00  pottery plate
$0          pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.


Thanksgiving child’s footprint craft plate


Inspired by the example I found on Pinterest (e.g.: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/496521927642760818/), I took our 7 mo old daughter in to capture her little feet and toes in this original one of a kind heirloom Thanksgiving plate.

It took a few attempts to get her feet positioned just right, but with the help of the ladies at my favorite paint your own pottery place, I was able to complete this plate quickly within an hour.

$35.00  pottery plate
$0          pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.

Lace Ribbon & Pearls Baby Tutu Photo


Our little girl had a rough start when she was born, she really struggled with sever acid reflux the first 3-4 months before we were able to get it under control – as a result it was very difficult to catch her smiling as a baby which made getting family photos very challenging.

So when my friend made her this beautiful lavender lace tutu I we really worried if we would be able to get her to smile … turns out it was a good day!  These are some of the first really great smiles we were able to capture and she looked adorable in her ribbons and mommy’s pearls!

Using just a plain white bedsheet and propping her up on pillows in a well let room allowed us to catch these photos with me cell phone.  I used online apps to color correct the photos.

Pinterest inspirations: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/388083692865753485/


$ 0.00  Tutu (baby gift)

$ 0.00  Pearls (family heirloom)


$ 0.00  Total


Baby Boy Needlepoint Craft



I’ve made many of these for friends over the years … and finally was able to make one for myself when our son was born.  This is a quick and easy craft to make – usually over a weekend.

There are patterns you can find on Pinterest, https://www.pinterest.com/pin/187884615683525658, but I’ve always loved the simplicity of this pattern.

I’ve had this pattern for years (bought it back in the late 80’s).  All it requires is a simple 8×10 collage board and 8×10 picture frame.  All the cross stitch samplers are no larger than 1 or 2″ by 1-2″ to fit in the collage. Based on the size of the collage openings you can play with which ones you what where and it makes for a great baby gift.

I was excited once our son had his first haircut at age 2 I was able to finally complete this project by adding a lock of his hair.


$ 0.00   Had pattern

$ 0.00   Had floss

$ 0.00   Had cloth

$ 5.00   Collage board

$ 10.00  Picture frame 8×10



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