Baby Boy Needlepoint Craft



I’ve made many of these for friends over the years … and finally was able to make one for myself when our son was born.  This is a quick and easy craft to make – usually over a weekend.

There are patterns you can find on Pinterest,, but I’ve always loved the simplicity of this pattern.

I’ve had this pattern for years (bought it back in the late 80’s).  All it requires is a simple 8×10 collage board and 8×10 picture frame.  All the cross stitch samplers are no larger than 1 or 2″ by 1-2″ to fit in the collage. Based on the size of the collage openings you can play with which ones you what where and it makes for a great baby gift.

I was excited once our son had his first haircut at age 2 I was able to finally complete this project by adding a lock of his hair.


$ 0.00   Had pattern

$ 0.00   Had floss

$ 0.00   Had cloth

$ 5.00   Collage board

$ 10.00  Picture frame 8×10



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