Valentines Centerpiece

Valentines Centerpiece

Was inspired to make this Valentine Candy Heart Centerpiece based on a few posts from Pinterest. (

– Found glass candle holders at Marshalls ($14 for all 3)
– Found white non-scented candles at Cost Plus World Market ($20 for all 3)
– Candy Hearts at grocery store ($10 for a 27 box @ $0.39 each)

Creation which I can recycle each year totals $44


Mistletoes Baby Footprint Plate

Mistletoes Baby Footprint Plate

I got this idea from Pinterest. We just had a baby boy and wanted to create a heirloom for his first Christmas so I went to the local ‘paint your own pottery’ place in Redmond, WA. The original display on Pinterest ( was on a square plate, but round works just as well …

My son was not too happy having his feet painted to look like the Grinch … but it was worth the little bit of fuss he kicked up to have this wonderful plate! The Grandparents liked it so much we made them each one as well.

Total Cost $35.00