Wedding Anniversary Craft Plate

Anniversary Plate.jpg

Using inspiration from a design I found on Pinterest (e.g.:

I went into my local paint your own pottery shop and created this plate for my husband for out 5th Wedding Anniversary.  It took about a hour total from start to finish and a week later I was picked up the plate.

$25.00 pottery plate
$0.00  pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.




Baby Easter Photo


I love to capture photos of our little guys on every holiday as they change so fast when they are so little as they are right now.  For our daughter’s 1st Easter, I wanted to capture a photo of our son and daughter in matching Easter outfits which I was able to find on Etsy.

For their photos, my husband used equipment he had from a work project to do a quick photo shoot.

You never know what is going to happen when you work with children and animals they say, well ours didn’t disappoint … neither wanted to sit still and they both wanted to play with the eggs and props in the photo. Out of dozen of shots my husband captured with a really nice camera and lens only about a handful came out.

All in all the few we got out of the shoot create a wonderful memory of our daughter’s 1st Easter and were worth the effort to prep for.

Pinterest inspiration:


$ 0.00  Studio

$50.00  Matching Sibling Outfits (Etsy)

$25.00  Easter Props (lamb blanket, basket, eggs)




Valentine Day Baby Angel Photo

I love to treat our children equally, so when our daughter came along I knew we had to get a first Valentine Day photo of her like we did with our son.

Using many pillows propped up in the background covered by a white bedsheet and the same props I made to photograph our son 2 years earlier (including the angel wings) … I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping away.  Out of dozens of photos, a few of them came out and the results are seen above.

It was just be chance I walked into Baby Gap and found the little pink ballerina dress on sale for $10 and used a hand-me-down sweater from a family member to create an outfit for little girl.  The bow headband added to the look so we went with it.

Using an app on my phone I was able to create the collage and color correct the photos.

I’m not a professional, but I’m pleased with the results.  Even more pleased that now our son can’t say that he was the only one we made dress up like cupid on his first Valentines Day when he gets older!  Equal and fair treatment achieved!


$ 0.00  Back drop (used bedsheets)

$ 0.00  Letters

$ 0.00  Angel wings

$10.00  Outfit (Baby Gap / hand-me-downs)




Valentine LOVE Baby handprint / footprint plate


Having loved how my son’s 1st Valentine Day hand/footprint plate turned out, I wanted to do one for my daughter – but I didn’t want it to look the same as the one our son did, but wanted it to match.  Pinterest had some great ideas (as always!) and the one that caught my eye was this sweet craft with the letters in a square,

Our daughter, who was 10 months at the time was very curious about having her hand painted and foot painted.  While we have done this with her in the past – she was much more aware this time about what was going on, and the fact that she wanted to talk around the shop and play with the ceramic plates and objects was a bit stressful … until daddy jumped in and helped by taking little girl across the street to a fun play place allowing me to finish up and complete the project.

Looking back at the item would have liked to have made the letters a bit thicker so that they stood out a bit more, but her sweet little hand and foot prints really pop with the thin lettering.  We display her plate with our son’s in our TV Room year round.


$40.00 Plate

$ 0.00  Paint, Brushes, firing provided by pottery place



Child’s Twas the Night Before Christmas footprint craft plate


Inspired by the example I found on Pinterest (e.g:, I turned our  8 mo old daughter’s foot into a mouse in this heirloom 1st Christmas plate craft.

Our local pottery painting place is so sweet, they helped me work with my daughter to get the perfect footprint.  It took us about an hour to get the print and a week later we got the plate back.

$25.00  pottery plate
$0          pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.


Old fashioned Christmas Tree Décor


As a working mother of two toddlers, I hardly have enough time to shop let a lone wrap gifts, bake, decorate, and do all the fun things that I enjoy doing over the holidays.  Keeping our Christmas tree decorations simple helps!  Especially by keeping all the breakable ornaments off and just putting on wood and fabric ornaments make a huge different to our piece of mind when it comes to keeping our kiddos safe.

I used a plaid table cloth for the tree skirt and simple ribbons to make bows that we just placed scattered on the tree.  For garland we use some silver broad ribbon and gathered it at the top in lieu of an angel.  This was as baby proof as we could get for our daughter’s first Christmas Tree.

Pinterest inspiration:


$80.00  Fresh cut Christmas Tree




Thanksgiving child’s footprint craft plate


Inspired by the example I found on Pinterest (e.g.:, I took our 7 mo old daughter in to capture her little feet and toes in this original one of a kind heirloom Thanksgiving plate.

It took a few attempts to get her feet positioned just right, but with the help of the ladies at my favorite paint your own pottery place, I was able to complete this plate quickly within an hour.

$35.00  pottery plate
$0          pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.

First Halloween – Footprint Trick or Treat Baby Plate


Inspired by the fun and cute plate we saw on Pinterest,, I took our 6 mo old daughter over to our favorite paint your own pottery place and made a little plate with her footprints.

She was a really good sport about having her toes painted green and with some help from family I was able to finish the plate (touch it up and clean up some of the smudges) while she played with my mom next door at a play place.


$20.00  Plate

$  0.00  Paint, brushes, firing provided by pottery place



DIY Fall Pumpkin Door Wreath

halloween Wreath.jpg

Inspired by fall holiday posts on Pinterest (e.g.:, I went to Dollar Tree and purchased all the materials to make this wreath.  Using a hot glue gun and some creativity – I was able to finish this craft within 30 minutes.

$  5.00  grapevine wreath
$  5.00  Orange spray sprigs
$  5.00  Metal pumpkin sprigs
$  1.00  Holiday wire ribbon
$ 16.00

Birthday Train Cake


Our little guy, for his 2nd Birthday, we decided to make it a Train Theme after we got him a train table and BRILLIO Train Set, so naturally the cake needed to have a train on it too.

Inspired by the train cakes we saw on Pinterest,, I set out to try and create something that would ‘wow’ our 2 year old.

This was a fun cake to make!  I learned I don’t like to work with fondant – but making the train and cars out of fondant is a lot easier than trying to roll it out and smooth it onto the cake!  Once I got pass that part, the fun began.  I learned how to use the different frosting tips to make the track and used brown sugar to create the dirt.  I used the frosting to add accents to the design which doubled to hold the candles in place.

All in all – had I to do it over again, I wouldn’t have done his name so thick in frosting on the side of the cake … but 2 year olds don’t pay attention to those details – all he cared about was there was a train on his cake and he wanted to make it run on the frosted tracks!


$ 5.00  Cake Mix

$ 5.00  Happy Birthday Candles

$15.00  Fondant, Frosting & Tips


$20.00 Total