Recover Kitchen Chair Seats


We purchased our kitchen table and 6 chairs off of Craigslist when we moved into our house in July 2013.  I told my husband when we bought the chairs I could recover them … two children and a number of food stains later I finally got around to the task!

It whole process took all of about 1.5 hrs using just a Philips screw driver, staple gun and pair of scissors.  Oh – and a little bit of help from my in-laws who kept our little guys busy while is stapled away.

The material was the only expense I had for this project – which I purchased at Wal-Mart.  Who knew Wal-Mart sold Waverly fabric?!  Anyway – I took a gamble and bought 8 yards of the material hoping it would cover all 6 chair seats … I was conservative with the fabric and had enough left over to make a few throw pillows to use in our window seat in the kitchen so bonus!

Family is very happy with the results and our toddlers are busy working on the next set of stains for me to recover in another few years, but oh what a different!

Pinterest inspiration:


$20.00  Fabric – 8yrds (Wal-Mart)

$  0.00   Staple Gun and staples

$  0.00   fabric scissors


$20.00   Total


Wedding Anniversary Craft Plate

Anniversary Plate.jpg

Using inspiration from a design I found on Pinterest (e.g.:

I went into my local paint your own pottery shop and created this plate for my husband for out 5th Wedding Anniversary.  It took about a hour total from start to finish and a week later I was picked up the plate.

$25.00 pottery plate
$0.00  pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.



Child’s Twas the Night Before Christmas footprint craft plate


Inspired by the example I found on Pinterest (e.g:, I turned our  8 mo old daughter’s foot into a mouse in this heirloom 1st Christmas plate craft.

Our local pottery painting place is so sweet, they helped me work with my daughter to get the perfect footprint.  It took us about an hour to get the print and a week later we got the plate back.

$25.00  pottery plate
$0          pottery place provided all paint/brush supplies and cost for firing plate.