Birthday Train Cake


Our little guy, for his 2nd Birthday, we decided to make it a Train Theme after we got him a train table and BRILLIO Train Set, so naturally the cake needed to have a train on it too.

Inspired by the train cakes we saw on Pinterest,, I set out to try and create something that would ‘wow’ our 2 year old.

This was a fun cake to make!  I learned I don’t like to work with fondant – but making the train and cars out of fondant is a lot easier than trying to roll it out and smooth it onto the cake!  Once I got pass that part, the fun began.  I learned how to use the different frosting tips to make the track and used brown sugar to create the dirt.  I used the frosting to add accents to the design which doubled to hold the candles in place.

All in all – had I to do it over again, I wouldn’t have done his name so thick in frosting on the side of the cake … but 2 year olds don’t pay attention to those details – all he cared about was there was a train on his cake and he wanted to make it run on the frosted tracks!


$ 5.00  Cake Mix

$ 5.00  Happy Birthday Candles

$15.00  Fondant, Frosting & Tips


$20.00 Total