Bio: I'm a native Texan living in the greater Seattle area. My husband's job required that we move to the area in Sept 2011. Views of snow capped mountains and the ocean are an amazing trade off for someone who grew up in a flat table top prairie environment! Our Texas Kitty Posse unfortunately do not share our love for lush green hills and rainy days, but they are making the best of it and have manage to stake out every area in the house where they can lay in a sunbeam (if only for a fleeting minute!) Our son was born in Sept 2013 and certainly keeps us on our toes. He is a much prayed for blessing to us. In preparation for his arrival, we bought a house on the 'east side' of Seattle in the burbs where he can explore and run around. Then surprise - in April 2015 our daughter arrived, who will most certainly be a great partner in crime for our son! Our house comes with a long rich history and built on an old homestead dating back to the 1850's. It is surrounded by beautiful tall Pacific Northwest trees and rolling green hills. My husband especially loves the property - as he gets to have a tractor. My husband and I have seen a lot of change in a short amount of time since marrying in April 2011. From moving to a new city, buying our first house, having two children in our 40's and changes in our careers ... needless to say there's a lot going on. So how do I relax ...?? Well, I'm always looking for new creative ideas for decorating, landscaping, DIY, crafts, etc. I find it all eases my stress. I find a lot of inspiration poking around on Pinterest. Enough that I thought it might be interesting to do a blog comparing some of the ideas I've found on Pinterest, vs reality of a layman trying to carry them off. From recipes to home improvements ... holiday decorations to craft activities, I find it all fun and an adventure - and all of it builds memories and our home. I would also like to explore the cost what it really is to do some of these ideas I see and share where I've found items to duplicate the things I try on Pinterest. For the past few years since I've been experimenting with the craft ideas I've seen on Pinterest, I've had some homeruns and some complete strike outs ... but had a lot of fun regardless of the turn out. So I thought it might be fun to share my knowledge/experience with others who might be interested in what the reality side really looks like for those of us suckers - er-um, adventures who like to experiment w/ things we see Pinterest. *grin* So here goes nothin'! This is also my first attempt at blogging so I promise nothing!

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