Father’s Day Child Photo Gift

Father's Day Child Photo Gift

Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

This was a fun photo session with our son using a white sheet for a background on our bed and some of his foam letters from his play mat. Using some free iPhone apps I was able to do quick color corrections and fun collage arrangements before uploading to Costco’s Photo shop online for print processing.

Materials Used:
– White Sheet (for background)
– Foam letters from child’s play mat
– Regular digital camera
– Downloaded PS Express iPhone app for color correction
– Downloaded ‘Snap Collage’ to make photo arrangements
– Costco Photo Shop
$4.50 Costco Photo Shop


Memorial Day Rememberance Wreath

Memorial Day Wreath

Memorial Day Remembrance Wreath

Inspired by the Tea Stained Flag Wreath (, I was able to make the following wreath in less than an hour.


$ 7.50 Grapevine Wreath (JoAnn Fabrics)

$ 1.99 Ribbon (JoAnn Fabrics)

$ .99 Plastic Buttons (JoAnn Fabrics)

$ 2.50 Glitter Stars (JoAnn Fabrics)

$ 1.00 American Flags (JoAnn Fabrics)




Baby Easter Heirloom Photos

Baby Easter Heirloom Photos

First Easter

Inspired by many of the Easter photos on Pinterest, such as this one:, with a little help from my husband we were able to create a number of wonderful heirloom quality photos of our son to celebrate his 1st Easter.

Originally the plan was take my son’s picture on our bed (as we always do) using a white bed sheet as the back drop and put him in some Easter outfits we bought on using some props (that were part of his Easter basket), but we got lucky and were able to use a more professional setting at my husband’s office which was set up for taking employee’s photos. But a white bed sheet near a window with good daylight lighting works just as well too.

We were very pleased with the result of the photos as were grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members.

Supplies included:
$ 10.00 Stuffed teddy-bear Bunny (Marshall’s)
$ 5.00 Stuffed Teddy-bear Lamb (Kroger)
$ 10.00 Basket (Hobby Lobby)
$ 5.00 Plastic eggs (Kroger)
$ 30.00 Blue gingham embroidered bunny outfit (
$ 30.00 Blue baby boy sailor outfit (
$ 0.00 Blue sweater outfit w/ white collar (borrowed from family member)
$ 0.00 White sheet for back drop
$ 0.00 camera
$ 90.00


Baby Room Remodel with custom built-in window seat and shelves

Baby Room Remodel with custom built-in window seat and shelves

Baby Room Remodel

I was inspired to create a relaxing space for our newborn son when I saw the following post on Pinterest (

We hired a contractor to build custom adjustable shelves with a window seats which extra storage below. They also continue the traditional wainscoting around the room, scrapped the pop-corn ceiling and put in crown molding which they trimmed around the custom built-in shelves.

We had custom cushions made for the window seat had plantation shutters installed which really helped insulate the room and helped block the light from the sun which is great during naptime and season changes when trying to get our little one down.

All we had to do in the end is add furniture and a few wall d├ęcor items to complete the room.

We did pick out a bedding set which came with a ton of matching accessories:
– bed spread
– dust ruffle
– crib bumper
– 2 curtain panels
– diaper holder
– toy swag
– 3 wall art bears

We also ordered matching:
– bear mobile
– bear border
– 2 bear lamp shades

$3k – Local Contractor
$99 – Ginny Bear Bedding (
$60 – Matching accessories (bear border, lamp shade, mobile) (
$650 – Storkcraft espresso baby furniture (4 in 1 crib, changing dresser, chest of drawers) (
$300 – Rocking chair w/ ottoman (
$500 – Plantation Shutters (
$40 – Floating wall shelves (Hobby Lobby)
$25 – Wall letters and paint (Hobby Lobby)
$300 – custom window seat cushions (

By keeping with a traditional style, our son can grow into this room without having to change much other than the bedding and bear theme as he gets older! Shelves provide great storage as do the trunks under the window seats. It turned out to be a great tranquil space to rock him to sleep and for him to play in.


Childrens Play Area

Childrens Play Area

Children’s Play Space

As older parents, we wanted to keep our space separate from our child, but still wanted to be in the same room together without having their toys all over the place. The compromise was creating a designated gated play area, one where they could have their space all to themselves, yet still be near mom and dad.

I haven’t been able to find anything like this on Pinterest yet – so I struck out on my own and created this layout to bring order to our lives. This design keeps our son’s toys and him safely in his space with a child’s gate door which enables us to get to him without breaking our necks trying to step over to get to him.

What more we wanted to protect our carpet and make it easy to clean up when our son spit up or spilled so we incorporated the foam mats. The surprising added bonus of putting these mats in place was that it’s easier on our joints getting down on the ground with our son when kneeling, sitting or laying!

Tools used to create this division of space:
1 – Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen ( $120
3 sets – ProSource Puzzle Solid Play Mat for Kids – each set comes with 36 tiles with edges ( $29.95 each

Total: $180


Valentines Day Baby Hand & Foot Print Love Plate

Valentines Day Baby Hand & Foot Print Love Plate

Baby L O V E

Inspired by Pinterest idea (
My little guy was a trooper and allowed me with the help of a friend paint his little toes (again) as well as his little hand this time so we could surprise his daddy with his First Valentines Day gift. Daddy was very surprised and very happy. Great memory!

Platter was $60 at a local pottery painting place near our house.


Valentines Centerpiece

Valentines Centerpiece

Was inspired to make this Valentine Candy Heart Centerpiece based on a few posts from Pinterest. (

– Found glass candle holders at Marshalls ($14 for all 3)
– Found white non-scented candles at Cost Plus World Market ($20 for all 3)
– Candy Hearts at grocery store ($10 for a 27 box @ $0.39 each)

Creation which I can recycle each year totals $44


Mistletoes Baby Footprint Plate

Mistletoes Baby Footprint Plate

I got this idea from Pinterest. We just had a baby boy and wanted to create a heirloom for his first Christmas so I went to the local ‘paint your own pottery’ place in Redmond, WA. The original display on Pinterest ( was on a square plate, but round works just as well …

My son was not too happy having his feet painted to look like the Grinch … but it was worth the little bit of fuss he kicked up to have this wonderful plate! The Grandparents liked it so much we made them each one as well.

Total Cost $35.00