Old fashioned Christmas Tree Décor


As a working mother of two toddlers, I hardly have enough time to shop let a lone wrap gifts, bake, decorate, and do all the fun things that I enjoy doing over the holidays.  Keeping our Christmas tree decorations simple helps!  Especially by keeping all the breakable ornaments off and just putting on wood and fabric ornaments make a huge different to our piece of mind when it comes to keeping our kiddos safe.

I used a plaid table cloth for the tree skirt and simple ribbons to make bows that we just placed scattered on the tree.  For garland we use some silver broad ribbon and gathered it at the top in lieu of an angel.  This was as baby proof as we could get for our daughter’s first Christmas Tree.

Pinterest inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/207306389073127182/


$80.00  Fresh cut Christmas Tree