1st Birthday – Pink Bunny Party Theme

Inspired by a number of cakes on Pinterest with bunnies (e.g.: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/249105423118714625/) I finally settled on a mix of designs which a wonderful cake decorator in the greater Seattle area was able to bring to fruition (spent more than planned).

Had a great time coordinating and planning out decorations through Amazon, Oriental Trader and Dollar Tree.  Funny – some deals were better on one and some the other.  But managed to get cups, plates, napkins, popcorn holders, milk containers, banners all online at really great deals.

It was a rush putting everything together at the party location.  We only had like 30 minutes to set up and tear down.  The challenge was blowing up balloons when we go there – if it wasn’t for family and friends helping it would never of gotten done.

The kids LOVED the pink lemonade served in the milk carton glasses and our daughter loved the popcorn holders – they were the perfect size for her little hands to hold and held the perfect portion for little kiddos.

I suppose this is a lot to spend on a little child who will never remember this day other than the photos and video’s we captured, but everyone enjoyed the moment, memories were special and you only have a 1st birthday once in life.

BTW – the cake was AMAZING!  one layer was chocolate, one was red velvet and the other was vanilla.  Everyone got 2nd and 3rd helpings – and yes, we will be going back for cakes there in the future – he is an artist.


$350.00 Cake (Mike’s Amazing Cakes)

$  50.00 Decorations (Oriental Trader, Amazon and Dollar Tree)

$  50.00 Food / Drinks (Lemonade, bottled water, fruit, popcorn, cheese/sausage plate)

$  25.00 Milk Bottles – 12 bottles (Amazon)

$  10.00 Black & White Birthday Achievement Sign (Etsy)

$100.00 Funtastic Playatorim (Bellevue, WA)


$575.00 Total



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