Valentine Day Baby Angel Photo

I love to treat our children equally, so when our daughter came along I knew we had to get a first Valentine Day photo of her like we did with our son.

Using many pillows propped up in the background covered by a white bedsheet and the same props I made to photograph our son 2 years earlier (including the angel wings) … I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping away.  Out of dozens of photos, a few of them came out and the results are seen above.

It was just be chance I walked into Baby Gap and found the little pink ballerina dress on sale for $10 and used a hand-me-down sweater from a family member to create an outfit for little girl.  The bow headband added to the look so we went with it.

Using an app on my phone I was able to create the collage and color correct the photos.

I’m not a professional, but I’m pleased with the results.  Even more pleased that now our son can’t say that he was the only one we made dress up like cupid on his first Valentines Day when he gets older!  Equal and fair treatment achieved!


$ 0.00  Back drop (used bedsheets)

$ 0.00  Letters

$ 0.00  Angel wings

$10.00  Outfit (Baby Gap / hand-me-downs)




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