Lace Ribbon & Pearls Baby Tutu Photo


Our little girl had a rough start when she was born, she really struggled with sever acid reflux the first 3-4 months before we were able to get it under control – as a result it was very difficult to catch her smiling as a baby which made getting family photos very challenging.

So when my friend made her this beautiful lavender lace tutu I we really worried if we would be able to get her to smile … turns out it was a good day!  These are some of the first really great smiles we were able to capture and she looked adorable in her ribbons and mommy’s pearls!

Using just a plain white bedsheet and propping her up on pillows in a well let room allowed us to catch these photos with me cell phone.  I used online apps to color correct the photos.

Pinterest inspirations:


$ 0.00  Tutu (baby gift)

$ 0.00  Pearls (family heirloom)


$ 0.00  Total


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