Childrens Play Area

Childrens Play Area

Children’s Play Space

As older parents, we wanted to keep our space separate from our child, but still wanted to be in the same room together without having their toys all over the place. The compromise was creating a designated gated play area, one where they could have their space all to themselves, yet still be near mom and dad.

I haven’t been able to find anything like this on Pinterest yet – so I struck out on my own and created this layout to bring order to our lives. This design keeps our son’s toys and him safely in his space with a child’s gate door which enables us to get to him without breaking our necks trying to step over to get to him.

What more we wanted to protect our carpet and make it easy to clean up when our son spit up or spilled so we incorporated the foam mats. The surprising added bonus of putting these mats in place was that it’s easier on our joints getting down on the ground with our son when kneeling, sitting or laying!

Tools used to create this division of space:
1 – Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen ( $120
3 sets – ProSource Puzzle Solid Play Mat for Kids – each set comes with 36 tiles with edges ( $29.95 each

Total: $180


One comment on “Childrens Play Area

  1. I love this idea! You’ve inspired my family to do the same. We have two older children so this would really help keep the mess to a minimum. Way to go mom! Behold, grandma just got us some floor tiles, way cool bonus!

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