Valentines Day LOVE Baby Photo

Valentines Day LOVE Baby Photo

Inspired by the L-O-V-E pictures as seen on Pinterest ( I decided to make a memory to send to grandparents.

I went to the local craft shop and picked up some card board letters which spelled LOVE and picked up some colorful craft paper to cover them with. They also happen to have some angel wings which were on clearance from Christmas so added score!

With a little help from a friend we dressed my little guy up in a white onesie, strapped on the angel wings, I gave him a big kiss wearing red lipsticks and then draped white sheets on the bed and propped up the letters behind him. Used my camera with a little help from Photoshop was able to get the following end results.

4 Letters $1.99 each
4 Sheets Craft Paper .99 each
Angel Wings $14.99 on clearance
Onsie (already had)
White Sheets (already had)
Photoshop (or can use app on phone) – already had
Total: $12

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